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Custom Oiler Kits & Precision Lubricants

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Give clients something different at your next trade show. DuPont Packaging Inc. in Holyoke, Massachusetts, offers custom oiler kits and precision lubricants that make great promotional products.

High-Quality Lubricants

Visitors to trade shows receive hundreds of pens, calendars, rulers, and magnets promoting different businesses and manufacturers. Stand out from the pack by giving them something they'll actually use. Our pocket lubricators are refillable, leakproof, and made from high-quality components. They can be used to lubricate just about anything, including:

  •  Fishing Reels
  •  Guns
  •  Clocks
  •  Scissors
  •  Dental Handpieces

Unique & Versatile

Potential clients will be lining up at your booth to receive your customized hypo-oiler. Not only does this product make a great promotional item, it can also be sold retail. Offer the oiler in your company catalog accompanying one of your products or on your Ecommerce site. Available oils include:

  •  Instrument Oil 10/20W
  •  Clock Oil 20/30W
  •  Machine Oil 40W
  •  Synthetic Oil 10/40W
  •  Teflon Oil
  •  Clear Skate Oil
  •  Food-Grade Crystal Oil
  •  Greases


Have your name, logo, or web address printed on the tube and have it filled with the lubricant of your choice. We even offer heat-sealed pegboard packaging. Our promotional oiler kits are designed to fit your product, and including:
  •  Screwdrivers   •  Fishing Lures   •  Double-Ended Brushes   •  Multi-Pak Oilers (2, 4)

Contact us for great promotional lubricants that your customers will actually use.